Video Best Of | Wedding Film Highlights

We produce the TopBest Of Wedding videos, also known as Video Highlights of the Wedding Day.

The Best Of Wedding Videos are short films, edited in the rhythm and dynamics of the music chosen by the couple; It aims to portray the main moments that marked the history of the day; It is a video usually with a cinematic visual aesthetic and post-produced with a deconstructed language, to grab the viewer from the first to the last second.

Our Best Of films / Highlights Videos include:
> Capture of images and sound, using two video cameras, to increase dynamism to the final Wedding Video;
> Possibility of using Drone | Aerial footage of the Wedding event guaranteeing unforgettable images;
> Post-production / Editing videos in FULL HD or 4K, through a selection of special songs and specific to the type of work to be developed;
> It has the duration of a song to choose the client (maximum of 10m);
> Color correction of the videos, to create the perfect environment in each moment;
> Make the video available online so that it can be shared on social networks with family, friends and guests;
> Delivery of the videos in Full HD or 4K, through a Pen Drive or via Internet, so that it can be easily reproduced in any digital device (computer, digital readers, Ipads and Smartphones);
> Friendly and professional service without limit of hours.

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